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Many reseller/partners prefer to have their software solutions loaded prior to shipment. Rather than receive hardware at your customer’s location, only to then go through time-consuming, costly configuration on site, Kolar offers the unique benefit of loading and testing custom application software during the assembly/burn-in process. We need only to understand the settings you wish included, and to be provided a legitimate copy of the application. Kolar’s reseller units will arrive fully configured to your specifications, ready for your customer’s environment, with minimal user input before actual use.

Disaster Recovery/Emergency Services:

Many customers find that “fast response” just isn't fast enough. Kolar offers the additional benefit of pre-configuring units specifically reserved for “disaster recovery” or “emergency service”. Using Kolar’s archival images and configuration data, emergency inventory is pre-configured, tested, boxed, and labeled so that (in case of emergency) product can be shipped “Priority Overnight” to arrive next business morning (in most areas) to facilitate faster responses to crisis situations. Terms and availability vary, but in general, Kolar does not charge for this service until it is utilized. That means Kolar’s configuration services are not charged unless a disaster occurs. This gives our customers the confidence of having a plan to “fall back on” without incurring additional (perhaps unnecessary) charges.

Saved Customer Image:

Kolar routinely saves our client’s applications and operating system configuration (with settings specified by our customers) in a permanent electronic archive. In the event of any component failure or user error, Kolar can instantly restore a customer’s computer to its original state and thereby eliminate time-consuming software trouble-shooting and rebuilding chores. We can even provide similar functionality to our direct customers via CD-based emergency restore diskettes to be used on site.