Founded in 1958, we are one of the strongest technology solution providers in the Midwest. Our large volume and direct relationships with national and international component manufacturers combined with our many years of industry experience result in the highest-quality custom computers, support utilities, and fulfillment options, all delivered at a very aggressive price. Kolar Business Machines specializes in the assembly and manufacture of commercial and industrial/specialty PCs and control devices.

As a custom computer and industrial control assembler and builder, we are able to focus on a very simple mission statement: "Strictly adhering to precise customer requirements." In short, our job is to deliver a comprehensive technology solution, as specified by our customers' needs, that functions properly the first time, and every time it is used, without the need for repair or replacement. 

As a result of inventory management, consistent quality, and "static" configurations (devices whose configurations are not subject to change for many years), our products are operating "24 hours a day, 7 days a week" in 31 countries and 9 languages worldwide. We're positive that we can assemble a System to meet your needs and provide fulfillment options to match your customer expectations.

For Special Offers, check our Request a Quote page for special system offers from Kolars. Let us configure the system to meet your needs! Contact an account manager today!  


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