Industrial Systems

Industrial Systems -As mentioned on the Kolar home page, Kolar specializes in "Strictly adhering to precise customer requirements." Kolar assumes our customer's systems to be 24/7 mission critical assets - often requiring many years of availability, support and continued production. Your customers are counting on your systems and you can count on Kolars. Our Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 compliant. 

Business Systems

Business Systems -Kolar Business Systems offer the same flexibility and focus as our Industrial Systems.  Kolar Business Systems are optimized for your environment with enhanced components and features not offered by national brands.

Office Equipment

Office Equipment -Since 1958, Kolar has been an award winning provider of office automation technology.  We continue to serve our business, education, government and private  customers operating in specialty and legacy keyboarding environments.  Maintenance contracts, preventive maintenance and service center estimates and repairs are all available.

Print and Print Supplies

Print and Supplies -Kolar offers a single source for full service print/publishing, full color digital and lithography print and copying plus supplies for laser printing and office operations.